How lyrics get lost in translation

We sometimes receive poems or song lyrics that have been translated into English from German. You have to keep certain points in mind while translating song lyrics and poems. Basically, there are two approaches to translation, approaches that are diametrically …
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10 common Germanisms you should avoid when writing in English

German is a wonderful language. In fact, it is so wonderful that many Germans still try to use German grammatical patterns when writing in English! This makes your text look like, written by…umm…a German. And since you would like to …
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Why should I invest in a professional correction?

It is worth it Getting your writing corrected professionally is an investment in your academic and professional future. If you can see the wood for the trees but cannot express it effectively in your writing, high-quality correction by independent and …
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The difference between proofreading and editing

What are the differences between proofreading and editing? Why is our English proofreading service so special? Proofreading Editing is based on proofreading but is more extensive. Proofreading involves checking the linguistic correctness of a text. This means that the spelling, grammar …
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