Grammar checks: Let the computer be your friend

Grammar checks ensure better writing

Use grammar checks wisely to make your academic writing better.

You could argue that content matters more than how the content is written.  But believing that would be a mistake. If a document is full of typos and silly grammatical mistakes, the clarity and meaning might get lost. That is why grammar checks are so important.

It does not matter if you are writing a thesis, an academic essay, an application or a report. Be wary of grammatical mistakes at all times. They come in various forms: subject-verb disagreement, mistaken punctuation, incorrect spellings, wrong tense, and so on. If English is not your mother tongue, this might be a problem. But there is no need to worry. In this age of technology, a computer is your best friend. A lot of online and offline software can help you write an error-free paper.

Use the grammar check on Microsoft Word

Most of us use the Microsoft Word software to type documents. But did you know that the software has an inbuilt grammar-checking tool that keeps a tab on the errors you make? Yes, those green and red squiggly lines under the words indicate that you have made a boo-boo. This checking happens by default, but you can also customize the checker.

Words you misspell are underlined in red. You can simply right-click to see the list of probable correct spellings and choose the right one. Grammar errors are underlined in green. You can manage this via the proofing pane. For more details, check the Microsoft Office support website.

Use grammar checks online

Various online tools assist in writing error-free English. They are optimized to work with different applications. For example, the tool Ginger carries out grammar checks in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You can also upload the PDF or Word document to Grammarly, a popular grammar checker. It will offer you corrections using either American or British English rules. The expand cards in Grammarly explain what is wrong with the sentence. Software like this is extremely useful for school and college students who need to produce A-grade papers. You can also take the help of editing services like topcorrect, where experienced copy-editors proofread texts reliably and according to academic standards.

Technology makes life easier. With the support of the right services, you can deliver a clear and neat copy that is free of grammatical mistakes.

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