The difference between proofreading and editing

What are the differences between proofreading and editing? Why is our English proofreading service so special?


1_Richtigzitieren-1024x768Editing is based on proofreading but is more extensive. Proofreading involves checking the linguistic correctness of a text. This means that the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your writing is checked for accuracy and the necessary corrections are made. Proofreading also includes the checking of semantics—that is, the choice of words and textual clarity. This improves the quality and readability of your writing.

The Editing

Editing includes all the aspects of proofreading but also examines the content. The editor identifies stylistic errors such as inconsistent language, repetitions and unintelligible or ambiguous areas in the text. The editor also verifies technical issues in the text: all subject-related explanations and investigations are scrutinized and checked for accuracy. For such editing, you would usually require a specialist in the relevant technical field. Ensure that your editor has the necessary expertise before seeking his/her services. A personal meeting is recommended.

The English proofreading service offered by topcorrect includes all the above-mentioned aspects of proofreading and assures you of high-quality English. Our English correction also features some aspects of editing—for instance, we substantively review your text for inconsistent language, word repetition, and unintelligible or ambiguous passages, among other things. We select the respective sections and offer concrete proposals to improve readability. Another part of our advanced English proofreading service is reviewing bibliography.

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