Track changes in LaTeX documents

LaTeX and "TrackChanges"

We edit LaTeX files directly in the source code using the freely available package "TrackChanges" to reveal to you the changes we have made. Our corrections and comments are also highlighted in colour in LaTeX files to make it easy for you to understand.

"TrackChanges" is a package for editing LaTeX files: Changes by different authors are highlighted while comments added in the complicated LaTeX document are shown along the margins of the page. The package consists of the LaTeX style definition, as well as an optional script to accept, change or reject changes automatically.

How it works

At the beginning, we integrate the style definition "trackchanges.sty" using the following command in your LaTeX file:

\usepackage[margins, adjustmargins]{../trackchanges}

We mark changes and comments in the source code using the following "new" commands, which are added by the style definition:


\add[topcorrect]{Added passage}
\remove[topcorrect]{Deleted passage }
\change[topcorrect]{Deleted passage }{Added passage}

That's it! Our changes are now clearly visible in the compiled LaTeX document.

Accept changes

You can now adopt the changes step by step in the source code or remove our comments.

Alternatively, in the final document, you can either adopt all changes (finalnew) or hide (finalold) them completely without removing them from the source code.


In addition, a script that automatically applies the changes in the source code is available on the pages of the authors of the style definition.

Further information and the complete documentation: