It's worth the price! Quality correction enables good grades!

Quality matters!

Even under a tight deadline, we guarantee the quality of our service and improvement of your academic work. Our proofreaders have vast experiences in the correction of academic text and provide the best quality corrections by using our “four-eyes principle” as well as continuous and intensive quality monitoring.

Our English correction process follows strict quality controls. This is topcorrect's key to success:


Our proofreaders are qualified and highly trained experts who are familiar with the correction of academic texts. They have many years of experience in the correction services.


We recognize the importance of timely delivery. Your work will be corrected reliably and within the prescribed time. We consider our deadlines a top priority just as your professors do.


Your personal data is safe within our system: your documents will be transmitted in encrypted form and treated with absolute confidentiality.

Four-eyes principle

After a successful correction by one editor, a second corrector will proofread your text. This increases the quality of our correction service and ensures the best result.

Quality and process management

The correction is processed in an orderly and organized manner starting with the first review of the document. We welcome feedback and customer and implement your feedback immediately.

Comprehensive range of service

In order to offer the best service, we are always working on new ideas. We constantly strive to expand and improve our current offerings for your benefit.