This is how we correct documents.

Correction example

Our correction process is also called intensive proofreading or language editing. Often, proofreading includes only the checking of spelling, grammar and punctuation. In addition to this, we focus on language, linguistic consistency and improvements in text comprehension. There is no extra charge for this additional service, as it is standard for topcorrect!

This correction example represents all components of the topcorrect service:

Suggestions for improved comprehension

We ensure that your sentences are easy to understand, even for those unfamiliar with the topic, and offer suggestions for improvement if necessary.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation

Linguistic accuracy is an absolute must, because the smallest error can easily lead to your text’s rejection. Our correction process ensures this does not happen.

Consistent word selection

A consistent choice of words and tone is essential in a professionally written text. Therefore, our correctors will avoid changes between different writing styles and spellings.


In English, as in German, there are often several possible ways to formulate a thought or expression. We make suggestions best fitting with your writing style.

In addition to our Quality criteria , our corrections are always made using the “track changes” function of the Review mode, so that you can easily track our changes and only accept the ones useful to you.

More information on “track changes” and review mode

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