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For topcorrect, providing quality service is the top priority. Therefore, we take customer feedback very seriously and individually evaluate any suggestion for improvement. We ensure our customers receive constantly high quality service that helps them achieve theirr goals.

Below you will find feedback from students and scientists that we have supported by our English correction:

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17/07/22, from Münchenbuchsee: (topcorrect.de)

Die Qualität war sehr gut, es hatte einen Schreibfehler in der Korrektur und sie wurde nicht genau nach 3 Tagen zurück geschickt. Dies ist aber meckern auf hohem Niveau.

10/02/22, from 402-5-3, Hikarigaoka-danchi, Kashiwa, Chiba: (topcorrect.com)

Thank you so much for your great work!

28/06/21 (topcorrect.com)

Correction was good but after the deadline.

10/01/21 (topcorrect.com)


20/12/20, from Bremen: (topcorrect.de)

Ihr seid die Besten. Jedoch meine Meinung nach gibt es besseres. Also vor allem was der medizinischen Ausdrücke betrifft. Vielen Dank nochmal.

13/12/20 (topcorrect.de)

Lieferung war massiv verspätet.

18/09/20, from Bogor: (topcorrect.com)

Good service. Although I had problem, but they can managed it well. The correction and suggestion also very nice. Recommended

30/07/20 (topcorrect.com)

Good reviewer. Helpful comments

08/05/20, from Berlin: (topcorrect.com)

Very professional and detailed. WELL DONE

06/05/20 (topcorrect.de)

Extrem zuverlässig und hervorragende Qualität, vielen Dank

435 Customer reviews – Page:   1  2  3  4  5  6  10  25  44

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