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Our correctors

Our experts have years of experience in the field of correction services and ensure that the service and quality of topcorrect edited texts is excellent. Regular evaluation of our staff and customer comments of our service helps us to maintain and improve our quality.

Our experts are located around the globe, allowing us to take advantage of the different time zones. This allows us to offer "around-the-clock" service, including on Sundays and public holidays, at no extra cost!

In order to give you an impression of our correctors, here are some of the experts on our team:

Anne (Chief Editor)

  • Work experience: 20 years
  • 4 years Content-Editor at Mergermarket (including Financial Times)
  • Especially experienced within the area of proofreading and editing for journals

Andrew (Quality Officer)

  • Work experience: 12 years
  • 4 years Research Assistant in Business and Economics
  • Practical experience within an international consultancy firm

Caroline (Editor)

  • Work experience: 8 years
  • 2 years Senior Sub-Editor for The Telegraph
  • 4 years Research Assistant at the University of Kalkutta, India

Linda (Editor)

  • Work experience: 12 years
  • Vice Copy Editor for an international sport magazine
  • Master of Arts in history and Bachelor of Arts in English literature

George (Editor)

  • Work experience: 9 years
  • Chief sub-editor for
    Businessworld in New Delhi, India
  • Research Assistant at Idaho State University, USA

Wiliam (Editor)

  • Work experience: 34 years
  • PhD
  • Published in several international journals

Matthew (Editor)

  • Work experience: 4 years
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
  • Member of the National Research Council Fellow


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In order to provide top quality service, we use the four-eyes principle, so your text is reviewed by two of our experienced correctors.
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