You have no time or no one to correct your English-language work for you?

5 steps to the perfect text!

The correction of academic work is rarely as simple and transparent as it is with topcorrect. In five steps, we will show you how simple our English correction process is. The result: a professionally corrected text that meets standard academic criteria.

We make our corrections in the modification mode, so that you can easily follow our corrections and comments. You have full control over the content and the wording of your work at all times and can decide whether you to accept our proposed corrections.

Upload document

Here we go! Upload your work easily through our wizard. The wizard allows you to see the status of your correction order at any time.

We can correct any text in the common document and file formats. (Details)

Specify details

Fill in important details such as the maximum processing time and the desired language and citation style. You can also add specific notes for the correction.


After you have submitted your work, we will check if we can open your files and the volume (number of words).

Within one hour, you will receive a notification from us - you can then review all the details and confirm your order. (It might take a little bit longer at night or if we have a lot of work.)

Make the payment

You can pay easily and securely online through PayPal, debit or credit card. We begin the correction immediately after payment has processed.

The clock is ticking ...

After the first correction, a second proofreader checks the work again to ensure optimal results. All corrections are made transparently in the modification mode.

Review mode in Microsoft Word
Track changes in LaTeX documents


You will receive an email notification when we have completed editing the document. You can then download the corrected work from your personal login area.