Writing a term paper

Term papers are a common method of examination, set up to complete modules or seminars. Therefore, their topics are usually geared at the seminars or lectures contents. Your lecturer might also provide you with a list of eligible topics. In …
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Useful English phrases for a presentation

For many people, creating and holding a presentation involves a great deal of effort. It even leads to buck fever. To make matters worse, if the presentation has to be given in English, it often entails double the effort for …
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Universities

You graduated from high school, your school days are over, and now you are facing the difficult decision of where to study. In our last blog article, we have already given you the best tips, on how to find the …
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How to find the right study program

After graduation from high school, you will face some very important decisions. These might well influence your future course of life very strongly. Probably the most critical of these is the question of what to study. Till graduation, your daily …
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The advantages of studying in English

In a world that is being increasingly globalized, the language of instruction at universities is of greater importance than ever before. Both in Germany and abroad, an increasing number of English-language programs and courses are being offered by universities and …
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Using Quotations in Your Research Papers

Quotations play a vital role in your research paper. But knowing how to use quotes appropriately is almost as important as using them in the first place. An incorrectly placed quote or too many quotes at once can lessen the …
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How to Cite Correctly in Academic Papers

Plagiarising is probably one of the biggest academic crimes to commit. And more often than not, it’s unintended. Learning to reference and cite correctly in academic papers will have a big impact on your academic writing. It will save you …
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How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research article is no easy feat. In fact, it may seem like a mammoth task, considering how much research, evaluation and writing goes into it. Whilst writing a research paper is never going to be a walk in …
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How to do a plagiarism check

Thanks to the Internet, getting hold of information whilst writing or correcting your bachelor’s thesis is easier than ever. Whilst this makes research umpteen amounts easier, with instant information at our fingertips, plagiarism is becoming a considerable problem. When you’re …
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10 common Germanisms you should avoid when writing in English

German is a wonderful language. In fact, it is so wonderful that many Germans still try to use German grammatical patterns when writing in English! This makes your text look like, written by…umm…a German. And since you would like to …
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