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Capitalization: Use It Effectively in Your Research Work

Using capitalization in a research paper can be tricky. It may be tempting to capitalize a word that you want to emphasize, but is it always a good idea to do so? In this post, we help you to figure …
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Grammar checks: Let the computer be your friend

You could argue that content matters more than how the content is written.  But believing that would be a mistake. If a document is full of typos and silly grammatical mistakes, the clarity and meaning might get lost. That is …
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Revise and edit: Why is it important?

It goes without saying that you should revise and edit your work. Have you ever sent in a paper or a manuscript to a publisher without revision? A clumsily written paper with grammatical mistakes may lead to a rejection. If …
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Beware of long sentences

Good academic writing is marked by clarity and comprehensibility. That is why using long sentences is often discouraged. Never-ending sentences not only make the paper dull, but also lead to mistakes. To be safe, use sentences that are short and …
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