Getting to Know the Oxford Comma

The Oxford comma is a point of contention in the English-speaking world. While punctuation in English leads to much debate in general, the Oxford comma sharply divides the world into those who love it and those who hate it. What …
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Should you delete that adjective?

One criticism faced by writers regularly is that their writing contains too many adjectives. But an adjective is a good thing, right? It describes the noun and often gives crucial information to readers. True—adjectives serve an important purpose, but too …
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Revise and edit: Why is it important?

It goes without saying that you should revise and edit your work. Have you ever sent in a paper or a manuscript to a publisher without revision? A clumsily written paper with grammatical mistakes may lead to a rejection. If …
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How to Cite Correctly in Academic Papers

Plagiarising is probably one of the biggest academic crimes to commit. And more often than not, it’s unintended. Learning to reference and cite correctly in academic papers will have a big impact on your academic writing. It will save you …
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How to Improve your Academic Writing Style

You could have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t present your argument in a clear and logical way, your academic writing will fall flat. If you want your academic writing to make the impact it deserves, …
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How to use a comma

It’s amazing how much difference one teeny, tiny comma can make. Here at topcorrect, we’re sure a lot of you may be familiar with the following meme, which has been doing the rounds on social media for some time now: …
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The difference between proofreading and editing

What are the differences between proofreading and editing? Why is our English proofreading service so special? Proofreading Editing is based on proofreading but is more extensive. Proofreading involves checking the linguistic correctness of a text. This means that the spelling, grammar …
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