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Should you delete that adjective?

One criticism faced by writers regularly is that their writing contains too many adjectives. But an adjective is a good thing, right? It describes the noun and often gives crucial information to readers. True—adjectives serve an important purpose, but too …
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Active Voice or Passive Voice: Which Should You Choose?

When writing a sentence about an action, you often have to decide whether to write in the active voice or the passive voice. In active-voice sentences, the subject doing the action comes first. Example: ‘The police asked the students to …
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Capitalization: Use It Effectively in Your Research Work

Using capitalization in a research paper can be tricky. It may be tempting to capitalize a word that you want to emphasize, but is it always a good idea to do so? In this post, we help you to figure …
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Rules for writing numbers: Post #1

Using numbers in academic writing is often a huge stumbling block for students. Should you write ‘ten’ or ‘10’? ‘One per cent’ or ‘1 per cent’? ‘Five million’ or ‘5 million’ or ‘5,000,000’? In this post, we introduce common rules …
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